Laura was invited to join choreographer and Print Room Associate Artist, Hubert Essakow http://www.hubertessakow.com for the making of IGNIS. Featuring actress Sara Kestelman, this was Hubert’s second work in a trilogy of dance theatre pieces exploring the essential elements. Laura previously trained as a ballet dancer, and so she was excited by the opportunity to re-ignite her love of dance and combine it with a love of narrative and theatre.

Laura collaborated closely with Hubert to create a piece inspired by fire, told through the story of a woman (Sara Kestelman) looking back on her life, meeting and coming to terms with her memories, regrets and lost loves and brought to life by three dancers.

The process revealed Sara to be an excellent poet and believing her poems captured the tone and emotion of the piece, Laura worked closely with Sara to adapt and integrate her poetry as the verbal language of the production. With Hubert, Laura collaborated to structure the narrative and establish a coherent world that seamlessly combined theatre and dance.


 “Dance is deftly interwoven with speech, sound and set. . . The dancers echo fragments of Kestelman's spoken poetry, bringing them alive in phrases of movement

Guardian 4 STARS