Placing 'Calculating Kindness' in George's London

Usually, there are many factors to take into consideration when deciding which venue to premiere a show. With Calculating Kindness, it was a bit different. Camden People's Theatre (CPT) has been a supporter of Undercurrent for many years - under our previous name (Labyrinth Theatre) we presented two of our major productions at CPT. Their mission statement; “to support early-career artists making unconventional theatre – particularly those whose work explores issues that matter to people now” chimes strongly with Undercurrent at this stage in our development. CPT's Artistic Director, Brian Logan, has been very supportive of the project and we are indeed presenting Calculating Kindness in co-production with CPT.
Lastly, and most significantly for the story, Camden People's Theatre backs on to Tolmers Square, where George Price squatted and then took his own life. Our play has had this in mind throughout the development, and references this in the script.  

Laura Farnworth, whose artistic vision has driven the piece since she conceived it in 2011, has always known that CPT is the best place for CK to begin its life:

"It feels a special coincidence fitting of George Price, to be presenting the first theatrical telling of George's untold story from the theatre that backs on to the Tolmers Square squat where he lived his last years." - Laura Farnworth

The piece explores George's story in London; all within a short distance from CPT. With Tolmers Square on one side, St Pancras churchyard not far away, and University College London within walking distance, we will be centred within "George's London" for three weeks in April. And we're very much looking forward to it.

      - Sophie Cornell, Producer