Undercurrent presents 'Chasing George Price' at the British Library

As part of our Calculating Kindness partnership with the British Library, Undercurrent are presenting 'Chasing George Price', and evening of drama and discussion on Tue 10 May from 18.30-20.00. Tickets cost £8 / £5 and can be booked here

Undercurrent, in partnership with the British Library, present this event about the man who formulated the mathematical explanation for the evolution of altruism.

Featuring performances of scenes from Undercurrent’s arresting new production Calculating Kindness followed by a panel discussion featuring director Laura Farnworth, Professor Alan Grafen and lighting designer Ziggy Jacobs.

Developed using the George Price and William Hamilton archives at the British Library, Calculating Kindness explores Price’s life in London, his relationship with evolutionary biologist William Hamilton, the formulation of Price’s equation, his conversion to Christianity, experiment with radical altruism and eventual suicide.

Undercurrent weighs up the question: was Price mentally ill, or consumed by a spiritual desire to disprove his own theory: that man is only kind to his own kin? Price's radical acts of altruism challenge us to examine our own acts of kindness in a time of austerity and self-interest.