Can you help us with Calculating Kindness?

Calculating Kindness is the first production Undercurrent have produced since changing from Labyrinth Theatre in 2013, and marks a pivotal point in our journey. We're graduating from a graduate ensemble to professional company who pays everyone properly and has a clear and strong vision for the future. We've been extremely fortunate to receive some funding for this production, but in order to fulfil our ambitions we still have a little way to go. We're hoping to raise £2000 to pay for flyers, posters, and to produce a recording which we can use as a legacy and to encourage a future life for the production.  You can pledge here.

Any support you can offer us will be met with cheers and smiles, and if you can't donate, why not come to see the show? We're already incredibly excited about the work out brilliant team are doing, and we'd love to see you there.
Thanks for reading!